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            1.          Are you manufacturer or trader?
            We are professional manufacturer with more than 16 years experience, professional engineering and after-sales team.
            2.          What’s your machinery warranty?
            We provide 12 months guarantee period.
            3.          What after-sales service do you provide?
            We provide 7*24h Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, include machine installation, machinery operation training and spare parts supply. ODM and OEM service are also available.
            4.          Do you supply recipe?
            Yes, we will supply all recipes and machine operation training to customers.
            5.          Our power is 415V/440V/220V, can we use your machinery?
            Yes, motor voltage is customized, we will make all machines according to your local power. Most commonly are 415V, 50HZ; 440V, 50HZ and 220V, 60HZ.
            6.          We are new in this industry, can you guide us?
            Of course, We are able to supply full turkey project, including grinder, mixer, production machines and final packing system and also workshop layout and flow chart, power/water/steam/air connection guides etc. It will be complete solution from zero to all.
            7.          How long is your delivery time?
            It depends, we have some machines like extruder, mixer, dryer in stock, for full line order, we need auxiliary machines also, so usually 30days is enough.
            8.          How will you dispatch the machines to us?
            Usually by shipment, we will send them to your required port which is nearest to your factory.
            9.          Will you help me Design the workshop?
            Yes, our engineers will help you confirm the working process flow firstly and then design the layout according to your workshop size.
            Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd.
            No. 7287, Airport Road, High-Tech Innovation Zone, Jinan, Shandong, China.
            24H Service Hotline

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