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            Kurkure Cheetos Niknaks

            Kurkure/Cheetos/ Nik naks are kind of special extruded snacks, very crunchy and delicious. They are made by a special extrusion process. The corn grits are moisturized by water in the flour mixer and fed to the Rotary Head Extruder. In the extruder, due to the rubbing of two rotary plates, the corn grits are squeezed and twisted to curl into apes. The cutting knives can cut them into requto length. The Kurkure/Cheetos can be fried in a fryer or toasted in oven and an then cooled before flavoring. Seasoning is sprayed onto their surface to get different delicious tastes. Due to their delicious tastes and nutrition, they are quite popular with consumers.
            For more information about the Kurkure Cheetos Niknaks Process Line, please kindly send an inquiry, and our sales manager will send you technical solutions right away.
            Technical Parameters of Kurkure Cheetos Niknaks Process Line
            Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size
            LTTS-IF Kurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 134KW 94KW 125-140kg/h 17000*1100*2500mm
            LTTS-IIF Kurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 136KW 95KW 200-230kg/h 17300*1200*2600mm
            LTTS-IIF Kurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 196KW 147KW 400-460kg/h 17300*1200*2600mm
            LTTS-IBKurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 74KW 52KW 125-140kg/h 16000*1100*2500mm
            LTTS-IBKurkure Cheetos Nik naks Process Line 187KW 53KW 200-230kg/h 16300*1200*2600mm
            Fried Kurkure/Cheetos/Niknaks Process Line
            The Cheetos Kurkure Niknaks Corn Curls production line can produce the fried Kurkure/ Cheetos/ Nik Naks/ Corn Curls snacks or the baked Kurkure/ Cheetos/ Nik Naks/ Corn Curls snacks according to the client’s local market. The final snacks taste crispy and retain the taste and nutrients of the raw material.
            Professional Food Production Solutions with 30+ Years Extrusion Experience 
            Professional Kurkure Cheetos Niknaks Production Line is a large-scale project, we can customize the model and output according to the needs of customers. The whole system can be equipped with a central control system to realize automatic operation, real-time monitoring, and save labor costs.
            Intelligent Double Screw Extruder
            The large length-diameter ratio of 32-64, which ensures that multi-stage liquid addition positions can be designed to strengthen the shearing force of materials and improve the aging effect of products.
            Advantages-Puff Snacks Machine
            World famous brand electrical parts, LG, FUJI, SCHNEIDER, OMRON. Baltur. ensure the machine performance.
            Various heating source, electrical and natural gas, LPG, suit for different customer to save cost.
            Machine full automatic, easy operate.
            Whole machine use the stainless steel materials, ensure good safety.
            Send us messages for more machinery
            specifications and price.
            Jinan Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd.
            No. 7287, Airport Road, High-Tech Innovation Zone, Jinan, Shandong, China.
            24H Service Hotline

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